bath.body.DIY: Refreshmint Stimulating Hair & Scalp Rinse

Suffering from an itchy scalp or concerned with hair growth?!  Try rinsing with the Refreshmint Stimulating Hair & Scalp Rinse and incorporating it into your hair care routine.  The mint in this recipe is soothing and refreshing which stimulates the scalp, while carrot juice helps to speed hair growth and reinforce strength.

Re-Freshmint Stimulating Hair & Scalp Rinse

2 teaspoons of chopped fresh (or dried) mint

1 cup of warm water (distilled/filtered is best)

1 teaspoon of carrot juice (preferably organic)


After shampooing and cleansing your hair, prepare to apply rinse to your hair


Add the mint to the warm water.  Steep for 30 minutes, then strain.  In a small bowl, combine the mint and carrot juice.