Dramatically tone your skin

This particular recipe for a firming facial mask will dramatically tighten and tone your skin.  Visibly shrinking your pores and leaving you with amazing looking skin.  This mask is recommended for all skin types, especially those who suffer from enlarged pores and slack skin.  This particular mask may be used 1-2 times a week followed up immediately with a moisturizer.

Firming Facial Mask


What You'll Need:

The white of 1 cold, fresh small or medium sized egg

1 teaspoon of cornstarch

Prep Time:

5-10 minutes


a small bowl with a fork or small whisk


Combine the egg white and corstarch in a small bowl or drinking glass and beat with a fork or small whisk until foamy and well blended.  the mixture should not be lumpy at all.


Using your fingers, smooth the mixture onto the face and throat (if desired) in a thin, even coat. The texture of the mixture will be gel-like due to the main ingredient in the mask being the egg white.  It's best to let this mask dry for 20 minutes while laying/leaning your head backwards, so gravity will not pull any wrinkles that you may have downward.  Leave the mask on for approximately 20 minutes.  Rinse, then follow up with a moisturizer.